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Walking towards Kingston college I catch a glimpse of a sea of black, awash with callous heart back patches.  A lucky few will be watching, for probably one of the last times in a venue like this, the meteoric rise of Southampton goth punks Creeper.

Openers Mantra are solid enough but belt out throwaway grunge punk that you will forget the next day, especially as the sound is not great for them. Last track, I want, is probably the highlight of their set. This is quickly sorted for the main act.

The crowd are only here for one band so excitement builds when the lights drop, smoke fills the room and all there is to see is illuminated purple crosses. 

Creeper file out onto the stage one by one, with callous hearts on their backs as they prepare to start. Frontman Will Gould instantly has control of the crowd and the band fly into opener ‘Black Rain’ and it is infectious. Fans are instantly in full voice and remained part of the band for every moment of every song. The band are on form and relish the intimacy of the venue. They whip the crowd into a frenzy and obey every request from Creeper with endless circle pits; every word is sung straight back to the band. 

There is one question on the mind of sections of the audience (including myself): Am I too old for this? Sure I have been going to gigs for years and, in frontman Will Gould, the teens have their generation Z heartthrob but in the end it is about the music.

Maybe it’s the size of the venue but the atmosphere the band create tonight will live long in the memory. Creeper’s musicianship and tight harmonies create a sound which adds live edge to their songs without sacrificing emotion and this is one of the things that sets them apart. The other is the various presences on the stage. The band are not as flamboyant or charismatic as Will Gould, but what they do have as individuals and a group is a visual draw making every moment utterly mesmerising.

Keyboardist Hannah Greenwood is a hidden gem and there is real heartache etched onto her amazing vocal chords, particularly on Crickets. Her gorgeous tones really shine through, and the stripped down song is the perfect way for her to express her talent.

The dedication from the fans is intense and there is a feeling of both band and their following building something special together. The sense of euphoria that accompanied songs like Misery and I Chose To Live was only matched by the high octane energy radiating from Will Gould and throughout the crowd and leave the audience feeling alive and utterly blown away. 



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The first Unholy Club night took place on Friday 17 April at London venue the Purple Turtle. Headlining was The Heretic Order, who are an evil metal sounding beast influenced by Mercyful fate and Black Sabbath but bringing a modern twist to a scene where a band like this is much needed.


Lord Ragnar addressing his disciples

The Heretic Order led by frontman and lead guitarist lord Ragnar Wagner start by how they mean to go on by melting the fans faces with pure evil speed metal and the crowd love it. In a metal scene where they is too much corporate bullshit and most bands ignore theatrics and good old quality heavy metal rock n roll The Heretic Order embrace it and do it well. It does help that the band are good at what they do. Bassist Rotted Skull is a silent cool as hell player that lets his skills do the talking and the band completed by Ernie Nogara  on drums and Marcel on guitar look like they have been playing together for years and not just a year.


Bassist Rotted Skull. Silent Bass assasin
This is just the beginning, with an album finished and coming out towards the latter part of the year followed by a European tour, everyone will soon all be chanting…. HAIL THE ORDER.


The Heretic Order Live – UK’S most evil band: