The first Unholy Club night took place on Friday 17 April at London venue the Purple Turtle. Headlining was The Heretic Order, who are an evil metal sounding beast influenced by Mercyful fate and Black Sabbath but bringing a modern twist to a scene where a band like this is much needed.


Lord Ragnar addressing his disciples

The Heretic Order led by frontman and lead guitarist lord Ragnar Wagner start by how they mean to go on by melting the fans faces with pure evil speed metal and the crowd love it. In a metal scene where they is too much corporate bullshit and most bands ignore theatrics and good old quality heavy metal rock n roll The Heretic Order embrace it and do it well. It does help that the band are good at what they do. Bassist Rotted Skull is a silent cool as hell player that lets his skills do the talking and the band completed by Ernie Nogara  on drums and Marcel on guitar look like they have been playing together for years and not just a year.


Bassist Rotted Skull. Silent Bass assasin
This is just the beginning, with an album finished and coming out towards the latter part of the year followed by a European tour, everyone will soon all be chanting…. HAIL THE ORDER.


The Heretic Order Live – UK’S most evil band:


  “There was a reason 
she was so romantic about the moon. 
It never asked her questions or begged for the answers, 
nor did she have to prove herself to it. 
It was always just there,
breathing, shining, 

and in ways most humans can’t understand: 

listening. “

Christopher Poindexter 

I look at the reflection in the water
and see what i have become
a shadow of what I once was
A man who has lost his way
The warrior who was strong and proud
Is now gone and I see my true soul


I need the knowledge and wisdom
To find the inner peace
to walk the path as a warrior once more so I can lead and protect
And see what i am truly meant to be

I look to the sky for inspiration to gain the heart and courage to feel that barbarian spirit so that one day I can enter Valhalla holding my sword with pride.

  I grew, day by day, more moody, more irritable, more regardless of the feelings of others. 

– Edgar Allan Poe, The Black Cat


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The windows eye holds the chalice of the soul.


Love/Friendship is many things
It is beautiful like the dawn of swans
It can also be hard like a shield on which the arrows of uncertainty beat in vain.






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I can’t understand this pain I’m feeling. Time has been spent so I find a reason to run away.
Sometimes I feel like I can’t wake and I
Struggle to breathe.
I wanna let go, so I can feel again.
I wanted to see if I can let go and feel again.


Anxiety awaits

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Feeling trapped, feeling so low
Feeling trapped, losing my soul
Like to fly away
But my wings have been torn
Trapped in a hole, I can see the sun
Can’t reach the light trying to call
But it’s burned my tongue of taste
Kicking myself in the teeth
Can’t speak anymore of the feelings I store beneath.


The Heretic Order

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If you like your metal raw and evil check out The Heretic Order.
#allhailtheorder #hyrrokkinmoon 

Burn Witch Burn,The Heretic Order: